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    The World Heritage City of Bath is one of the most popular tourist destinations in England, and has been hosting visitors since around AD 60, when the Romans started building a temple complex and discovered healing hot waters emanating from a nearby spring.

    The town was named Aquae Sulis, in honour of the Roman goddess Minerva and the Celtic goddess Sulis, an early attempt at reconciliation between the old and new gods. In the 7th century, Bath became a Christian religious centre with the founding of Bath Abbey. The abbey itself was rebuilt in the 12th and 16th centuries and its latest iteration can be found in the centre of the city. In the 17th century the town exploded in popularity when the soothing waters were found to have healing properties and during the Georgian era the city became a major tourist attraction.

    The Georgian architecture found here is some of the finest in Britain and the magnificent stone buildings which remain from that time are a major attraction. The town was home to the great novelist Jane Austen in the early 19th century and today there are a number of walking tours to visit some of her favourite haunts.

    With so much on offer, Bath requires a minimum of two days on any itinerary to fully appreciate this historical city and its rich heritage.

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